Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Watch Charlotte, NC Grow

Those who follow my blogs may be realizing that is a catch-all for what I find on the web. It will contain a variety of interesting things that I want to remember and want to share.

Take for example the documentary Metropolis by Rob Carter []. It is a really cool mashup of the development of the Catawba Trading Path from about 1755 through present-day Charlotte, N.C. It is also very thought-provoking as we consider urban development, suburban/exurban sprawl, historic preservation and other issues of interest to me.

A clip of the video is below (the last 10 years), but if you have 10 minutes click on the link above and watch the whole video - its really good!

Metropolis by Rob Carter - Last 3 minutes from Rob Carter on Vimeo.


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PJWB said...

Oh, and I'll be posting something about this on the Kaintuckeean in the coming days as i think about some of the organizations dedicated to saving Kentucky's cities and the bluegrass itself!