Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pho BC

Each week, my friend and I have lunch at an ethnic restaurant. This week, we tried Pho BC on Regency Road, Lexington. We had been there before and, as always, it didn't disappoint! The Pho is filling and delicious with the most flavorful broth (and spicy if you dare add jalapeƱo and Siriachi sauce as we do). The eggrolls are really tasty too (even if they look more like taquitos).

The only thing is we try and have "Ethnic Tuesdays" and we were afraid Pho was closed; it turns out they are just closed on Tuesday. Anyway, it is really good.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ham roast was in the crock pot on this hot day, but for side dishes I went to the grill. Farmer's market finds of cabbage and garlic greens are perfect for the grill. Topped with salt, granulated garlic (cabbage only), Aleppo pepper and olive oil. Now I'm hungry!!

Oh, and the ham roast is from Farmer's Market, too. Hillside Heritage Farm to be precise. As my sister would say, "Happy Eating!"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Map of the South

This is a fantastic map of the South. Note South Carolina's great diversity.
How I love good BBQ. My favorite is probably a hot ketchup-based, with a little twang of mustard.

Photo courtesy of The Electoral Map.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dancing the Conference Shuffle

Not surprisingly, I'm a Kentucky fan and thus am committed to the SEC. Of course, there is no talk of an SEC split. There is talk, however, of the SEC growing in number.

I'm generally opposed to this because 12 is a magic number. In the SEC, each team has five divisional opponents and three non-divisional opponents. This pits non-divisional teams against one another every other year with a home game against each non-divisional team once every four years. Ideal. Any more teams, and it could be years between non-divisional opponents.

So to answer your question, I'm opposed to the idea of a super-conference. The Big East is there (for now) and the Pac-10, er 16?, may be on its way - but I don't particularly care for it.

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